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We are proud to add the IonCleanse detoxification foot bath to our list of services. We were inspired by Dr. Sonia McGowin, who specializes in treating children on the spectrum using a biomedical approach. The work Dr. McGowin does is truly amazing. We hope by offering the IonCleanse that we can do a small part to help people in our community.
Call 573-881-0192 to find out more or to set an appointment.
First 30 minute session is
 ONLY $10
April Special
Greetings from Trinity!
Since we have been booked for sometime now, we are offering our April Special early.
When you schedule an appointment between 4/1/17 and 4/15/17 you will get your 60 minute Swedish massage for $45!
As an added bonus we will throw in a foot scrub, with your choice of essential oil, free of charge.
To take advantage of the April Special you MUST mention or comment       (if scheduling on-line) " MASSAGE ME " when you schedule your appointment.